Foreign car was hit by two children on a pedestrian crossing in Novorossiysk

Иномарка сбила двоих детей на пешеходном переходе в Новороссийске

Two boys five and three years, were injured in the accident, which occurred yesterday, April 22.

In Novorossiysk, St. species in the vicinity of the Church on Monday, at about 19:50 37-the summer driver of the Renault Logan has made on the unregulated pedestrian crossing at the intersection with the street Gladkova hit a woman with two children.

In the accident both boys were injured. Five-year-old is being treated at the hospital. Three-year-old is being treated on an outpatient basis.

The fact of the accident established that the mark “Zebra” is damaged, in poor visibility it is almost impossible to notice. Novorossiysk city administration in connection with the bad state of the markup took out the instruction. On the morning of April 23, “Zebra” update.