Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas defended Israel in the UN

Глава МИД Германии Хейко Маас выступил в защиту Израиля в ООН

In connection with the 70th anniversary of Israel’s membership in the UN, foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas criticizes the attitude towards Israel in this international organization. It is reported DPA international.

“Israel in the UN wrongly condemned, it is treated unilaterally and isolate,” said Maas.

According to him, this situation is painful and unsatisfactory, especially because the UN is portrayed as the basis of a multilateral, rules-based order.

Germany will continue to stand on the side of Israel to the UN, said Maas, noting that no one should question the security or the right of Israel to exist.

Maas said Germany would continue to support the legitimate interests of Israel and to fight any attempt to isolate or delegitimize the country in the international diplomatic body.

In may 2018, the U.S. opened an Embassy in Israel, moving it from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Thus, the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The Golan heights – a disputed territory, which is considered his Syria and Israel. Until 1967 they were part of Syria, but the Israeli army captured most of this territory during the six day war in June 1967. Since then, Syrian and Israeli forces separates the demilitarized line.

In December 1981, the Israeli Parliament adopted a law on the distribution of Israeli jurisdiction of the Golan heights. The UN security Council has not recognized this decision.

Глава МИД Германии Хейко Маас выступил в защиту Израиля в ООН