“Forever young” 58-year-old woman revealed the secret to a toned body

"Вечно молодая" 58-летняя женщина раскрыла секрет подтянутого тела

“Forever young” a resident of London, UK, which has a 26-year-old daughter, discovered the secret to youthful appearance and slender figure. Her words quoted by the British newspaper Daily Mail.

58-year-old owner of lingerie brand Aliza Reger said, what is the key to her toned body without the cellulite. “Every day I’m two minutes under cold water, to stimulate blood circulation and achieve the elasticity of the skin, she says. – Then I have to massage a body brush to improve blood circulation and to remove dead skin”. After a shower she puts on body lotion, oil and moisturiser sunless tanning.

Before Reger twice a month doing the shellac manicure at the beauty salon, but during the regime of self-isolation was used to handle trades independently. According to her, from home care nails became noticeably healthier. “I also moisturize cuticles and hands with argan oil,” she said.

Every nine months the British injected fillers and a small dose of Botox. In addition, it enjoys a premium care cosmetics that fights the signs of aging.

To maintain a slim figure Reger sports. Before the introduction of the country’s quarantine it four or five times a week were visited the gym. “I love training with weights to build strength and strengthen muscles and bones, she said. – During the quarantine I ran, but still miss the gym because of socialization”.