Forget about it: the most harmful for children milk drink

Забудьте о нем: назван самый вредный для детей молочный напиток

Scientists named the most harmful drink milk which is most like little children. This drink contains lots of sugar and flavors, which adversely affect the health of the child is removed from the diet forever.

Experts from Harvard University have provided new research data on dairy beverages and determined which of them should be excluded from children’s diet. This drink was chocolate milk. About it writes the edition

As explained by the researchers, the milk loses its beneficial properties when it adds a lot of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Excessive consumption of this drink is associated with weight gain, increased risk of developing chronic conditions such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Chocolate milk contains 102 calories per Cup, 18 of which are fats.

In addition, the researchers noted that the number of dairy products in a child menu, you can reduce the expense of products that are rich in calcium. These foods include: beans, nuts, greens, wild rose, eggs, fish. The use of these products will be comparatively higher than a glass of chocolate milk.