Forgiveness Sunday in 2020: date, value and tradition

Прощеное воскресенье в 2020 году: дата, значение и традиции

Every year on the eve of the first day of lent, believers celebrate forgiveness Sunday.

In 2020, this holiday falls on March 1.

At Shrove Sunday there is a specific date in the calendar, as the beginning of lent falls on different days of February or March, depending on the date of the resurrection of Christ – Easter.

It is believed that if there is a mutual forgiveness of injuries, the post was reduced to a simple abstinence in food, loses all meaning. After all fasting people in the name of faith and repentance.

A bright day on March 1, you must first forgive others and then also ask forgiveness for himself.

Morning worship in the Church the priest or deacon read, among others, the passage from the gospel of Matthew: “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, forgive you your heavenly Father, but if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father will not forgive your sins”.

All apologize to all, plead guilty in front of other people and promise not to repeat past evil deeds.

The history of Forgiveness Sunday

At the very beginning of Christianity’s first monks spent lent in the desert. For forty days they were completely cut contact with the world. At the end of the post, not all came back alive, some people died, someone got into the clutches of predators. Therefore, going into the unknown for such a long time, the monks tried to ask each other for forgiveness of sins voluntary and involuntary. This could be considered the beginning of a feat in the preparation of their souls for the feast of the resurrection of Christ.

What not to do

Forgiveness Sunday is not to indulge in bad thoughts, complaining and cursing. In no case should not engage in conflicts with other people or holding on to anger anyone.