Former adviser to trump wants to go the way of Putin and become the curator of the nationalists of the EU

Екс-радник Трампа хоче піти шляхом Путіна і стати куратором націоналістів країн ЄС

Close to the American movement “alternative right”, the former chief “strategist” in the election camp of President of the United States Donald trump, Steve Bannon told his domestic political and news the online edition of The Daily Beast about the new “European plan”: to establish a Foundation for “Movement”, a think tank headquartered in Brussels. A place to focus thoughts and support of the supporters of far-right and populist political directions chosen, reports Radio Liberty.

2019 next year will be decisive for the prospects of the European bloc, because in the European Parliament elections, in which will participate the citizens of the EU, Bannon hopes for a significant breakthrough for parties, like the French nationalists, led by marine Le Pen, the populist Italian Northern League and the “5 star Movement”.

We are talking about those parties that support Russia, because they advocate the idea of reducing the influence and unity of the European Union.

According to plans, the “Movement” of Bannon will conduct a survey and public opinion research, to provide advice on the basis of studies in a network of right-wing political movements of the United Europe, which in recent years become popular among the population.

In fact, the preparatory work for the creation of this Fund has been already carried out during the year. As it became known, during this time, the author of the initiative held a series of meetings, in particular, with the former leader of the British party UKIP Nigel Farage, representatives of French “National Association” (formerly national Front – ed.) headed by marine Le Pen and the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban.

Daily Beast writes that Steve Bannon intends to unite the extreme right-wing in something like a “supergroup”, which in the European Parliament after the may election would be a third of the total number of MEPs.

Although the idea of’bannon on the establishment on the European continent organization, which lobbied for the interests of populists, obviously originated long ago, during the recent visit of the President of trump in Europe, according to several local media, the American set up his headquarters in one of London’s five-star hotels, where he held consultations with representatives of European political movements from the right wing.

“It was so successful that we will begin to recruit staff,” admitted Steve Bannon the American site.

Recent elections in Europe, the re-election of Viktor Orban in Hungary and the rise to power in Italy, the extreme right-wing of the “Northern League” and populist “Movement 5 stars” as it looks, said Steve Bannon inspiration.

“Italy is the driving core of modern politics,” he says. – If it worked there, it can be a success in any other place.”


Another goal that Bannon pursues the initiative of the organization “Movement” – to compete with the Foundation “open society” – the creation of American billionaire George Soros, a prominent supporter of open society, democracy and the founder of network of charitable organizations, in particular, the Fund “Revival”, which made an important contribution to the development of the Ukrainian state and democracy.

“Soros is a brilliant. He’s a devil, but he’s brilliant,” says Bannon about it.

It is significant that George Soros considers his personal enemy and the enemy of Hungary,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The name Soros, was added to the special “orbanic enemies list”, together with a number of professors of the Central European University of Budapest, funded by “Open society”. There is a staff of non-governmental organisations including the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, “human freedom” and the Hungarian branch of Amnesty International.

At the same time, Steve Bannon, though, and expresses hopes to counter the influence of Soros, the starting positions of its European organizations are quite modest. At the main office of the “Movement” is expected before the elections next year will work ten persons. However, says the founder, if the work of the organization will be a success, and staff will expand. However, it is not known from what sources will be financed by this organization, and the budget for it is provided.

The European liberal-democratic politicians have reacted to the news about the intentions of the Steve Bannon to create a “Movement”. In particular, with the slogan “stop’bannon in his microblog Twitter was made by the Chairman of the group of the Alliance of liberals and Democrats of the European Parliament, former Prime Minister of Belgium, guy Verhofstadt. He writes that “decent Europeans” rejected “the extreme right vision of Steve Bannon and his attempt to “import to the European continent transeco politics of hatred”… “We know what our countries did in the past, the specter of nationalism. Must stop’bannon!”, – calls the well-known politician.

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