Former artistic Director of the Volkov theatre began work in the “Satyricon”

Бывший худрук театра Волкова начал работу в «Сатириконе»

Only yesterday has left the post of artistic Director of the theater. Volkov, Yevgeny Marcelli already puts the show in the Moscow “Satirikon”, reported on the website of the theatre.

In “the Satyricon” began rehearsals of a new play. A little-known play by A. N. Ostrovsky’s “the Jokers” suggested to the formulation of the artistic Director of the theater Konstantin Raikin, for which Ostrovsky – the most beloved and important of Russian playwrights. Director in the play invited Yevgeny Marcelli. The scenography will create Dmitry Razumov, costume designer – Maria Danilova, “- said in the message.

The production will employ 25 theater artists, including Denis Sukhanov, Aliona Razzhivina, Juliana Lisitsina. The main role of a father of two daughters, a poor officer Paul Prohorovich Obroshenov will play himself Konstantin Raikin.

This man is written with great opportunities for the actor. He is a buffoon – he plays such a role. He’s cornered, but his mask allows him the humiliation to turn into artistic technique and thus become worthless, downtrodden man. It’s about how dignity can still win – a topic in moral space, our country is very important, “- said Raikin.

Yevgeny Marcelli admitted that not read “jokers” to the invitation to “Satyricon” and the first play he “did not look”. But then the Director realized that this thing Ostrovsky and wants to put.

Buffoonery – are put in each the need games. Jokers here, all&33; I suddenly saw the material and it’s all very Shakespearean, and Chekhovian psychological insight. This is the story I want to overcome, to decipher, to find in her some course, “emphasizes Marcelli.

Play “Jokers” Ostrovsky written in 1864, she received from author genre the subtitle “pictures of Moscow life”, pointing to a very specific, accurate picture of circumstances and characters, at the same time, do not fit within the boundaries of traditional genres. The premiere will be in December 2019.

Бывший худрук театра Волкова начал работу в «Сатириконе»