Former CEO Bakkt sells all assets after allegations of insider trading

Бывший гендиректор Bakkt продает все активы после обвинений в инсайдерской торговле

After serious allegations of insider trading in the shares during the market crash, caused by a coronavirus, Kelly Loffler, former CEO Bakkt, liquidates its assets, so does her husband.

In the tweet from April 8 Loffler said that she and her husband Jeffrey Sprecher, Director General of ICE, the company that owns the controller option contracts bitcoin (BTC) Bakkt, liquidate their assets in managed accounts to focus on resolving the situation with coronavirus.

“I’m doing this, because the issue should not be delayed”

Former CEO Bakkt also published the opinion in the journal “Wall Street Journal”, stressing that her actions caused not by the requirements of the Senate, and a strong desire to win coronavirus.

Leffler added that she will report all transactions in a public report on the periodic transactions:

“I shall take steps to eliminate those factors which distract me, to focus on the important work you need to do to win the coronavirus. Although Senate ethics rules do not require it, my husband and liquidate its assets in the managed accounts and?? go to exchange-traded funds, exchange traded and mutual funds. I will notify on completion of these transactions in the statement of periodic transactions, which I will file later this month.”

The scandal with the prosecution of trade during market crash

Earlier March 20 Kelly Loffler caught in a scandal because of reports that it had sold millions of shares over several days after a closed meeting of the Committee on health of the Senate regarding the new coronavirus.

American political commentator cat Boykin openly accused Loffler of involvement in the “Coronavirus scandal of insider trading” along with other senators, including Richard Burr, Jim Inhofe and Ron Johnson.

Loeffler denied allegations of insider trading, stating that it is not directly involved in decisions regarding their portfolio. Former CEO Bakkt explained that these decisions are made by a third party or by the meeting of advisers.

Loffler was sworn in the US Senate on 6 January 2020 after about a year he held the post of Director-General exchange of digital assets Bakkt. After obtaining a place in the Senate, Loffler had to provide a report disclosing its financial position. But note that this still has not happened, despite the fact that such a report is a basic requirement for all officials and disclose all potential conflicts of interest through disclosure of assets.