Former CIA agent confessed to the “murder” of Bob Marley – 24 Channel

Колишній агент ЦРУ зізнався у "вбивстві" Боба Марлі - 24 Канал

A former agent of the Central intelligence Agency of the United States bill Oxley on his deathbed said that those involved in the death of the famous reggae artist Bob Marley. Note that the musician died of cancer.

About it reports The Daily Star.

According to 79-year-old Oxley, he said he was Bob Marley a correspondent for The New York Times, which allegedly wanted to take the performer interviews. Then Oxy handed the musician a small gift.

I handed him a pair of the famous sneakers by Converse who needs to approach it in size. When he attempted to try on the shoes on the right foot, he shouted: “Ouuuch!”. It was shot… At that moment I realized that he is not the tenant,
– said Oxley.

He explained that the inside of the Keda was supposedly the needle with the drug, causes cancer. According to men, in those years, in all States there was a wave of mysterious deaths of the so-called countercultural figures: “Needed a sacrifice.”

Oxley also said that only from 1974 to 1985, the us government allegedly orchestrated the murder of 17 people for ideological reasons. The man told that after the injection liaised with Bob Marley, giving him advice on cancer treatment.

Recall Bob Marley died in 1981 from cancer at the age of 36 years. In 2014, the researchers analyzed the remains of the musician and came to the conclusion that he suffered from a rare form of cancer that progresses under the influence of the sun, and due to other reasons.

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