Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi died in the dock

Бывший президент Египта Мухаммед Мурси умер на скамье подсудимых

Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi died Monday in Cairo. According to local media, it happened during the court session on the case of espionage, where the former head of state held the main accused.

According to the publication, during the court session, Morsi was given a word after which it was adjourned. At this point, the ex-President fainted and died without regaining consciousness. According to one version, he suffered a heart attack.

In 2014, lawyers for Morsi filed in court medical documents confirming that their client suffers from epilepsy. At the time he underwent brain surgery, which caused further recurrent acute attacks. With this diagnosis, claimed the lawyers, the ex-President could not be isolated in a single prison cell, and insisted on its transfer under house arrest.

A protege of Islamist Association “Muslim brotherhood” Mohammed Mursi won the presidential elections in Egypt in 2012. A year later he was removed from power by the military in the Wake of mass popular demonstrations.