Former football player of “Dynamo” Alexei Kozlov received a prison sentence for match-fixing

Бывший футболист "Динамо" Алексей Козлов получил тюремный срок за договорные матчи

Бывший футболист "Динамо" Алексей Козлов получил тюремный срок за договорные матчи

In Belarus court sentenced involved in match-fixing in football. One of the participants of this business – Alexey Kozlov – received a prison sentence.

We are talking about at least 16 match-fixing, as has established a consequence. And on the theft related to the fraudulent misappropriation of money the bookmakers, writes “Pressball”.

Of all the accused, the actual prison term was only one player – former player of clubs of the Belarusian “torpedo-BelAZ”, Minsk “Dynamo”, “Belshina”, “Naftan”, “Orsha” and the Olympic team of Belarus Alexei Kozlov. He was sentenced to 2 years in strict regime colony. After the verdict, he was taken into custody in the courtroom.

Several defendants were sentenced to restriction of freedom. Two of them – Victor borovich and Vitali Lanko – direction in correctional facility of open type for 4 and 3 years respectively.

What is a correctional facility of open type?

It’s the correctional facility in Belarus, where they put part of the convicts who have committed no serious crimes. Under the close supervision of the administration they get a job and start living a standard daily routine: Wake up, Breakfast, work, dinner, lights out. With breaks for weekends and holidays. In Belarus such institutions is called “chemistry”.

Some involved in this case have different terms of correctional labor. Another part of the convicts – life in freedom, but with restrictions.

Igor Sjenica

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