Former head doctor of hospital of the black sea goes into politics: what you need to know about Elena Kusari

Экс-главврач Черноморской больницы уходит в политику: что надо знать о Елене Кузарь

Last Thursday, the former chief physician of the city hospital of the black sea Elena Kusari stated intentions to engage in your career in the political arena. She announced this live on your personal Facebook page.

In clarifying readers ‘ questions, a part of which political force will move Elena Kusari and a post she claims to be – the ex-chief did not answer. However, intrigued by the black sea, saying that they know about this very soon.

Lately in the media Elena Kusari began to appear frequently in the information space, however, rather negative reasons. Some of them even open criminal proceedings. For example, the repair of x-ray room of the hospital, through which police suspect former chief doctor in a big “kickback” – 33% from half a million. Allegations got hospital engineer (case No. 12020160380000972) and the contractor (case no 42020161160000010) to perform the work. The contractor was paid the full amount, although the actual work was done only by a third. At the moment, the authorities determine the degree of participation of the former head physician in this scheme.

I particularly remember Helen Kusar seven years of leadership of the city hospital the tender procurement. Any goods and services cost the medical facility at prices much above the market.

Not alien to Elena and other acts of corruption – forgot to specify in the Declaration chic townhouse in Chernomorsk purchased by working for pennies for the state salary.

I wonder what political “couple” will be able to pick up Elena Kusari with such a dowry?

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