Former mother-in-law of Ephraim: the artist drunk wife

Бывшая теща Ефремова: артист спаивал жену

The woman is sure that the culprit will go to jail.

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Former mother-in-law of Michael Efremova Natalia Anokhin has accused the singer that he addicted her daughter to alcohol and many years to continue to Fund its inappropriate lifestyle. According to his mother, before meeting with Ephraim Kseniya Kachalina not even touched alcohol.

The main claim to the ex-son-in-law – financial support, which he renders ex-wife. Supposedly the money artist further push Kachalino to dependence on harmful habits and careless.

Anokhin said that her daughter was up to 30 years did not drink alcohol, and after the Union with the lover of alcohol she was addicted to the bottle. About it the woman said in an interview for the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

While the former mother-in-law of the artist is confident that Ephraim will not be able to wriggle out of responsibility and put him in jail.

We will remind, craving for alcohol has led Kachalino to the collapse of her acting career. She stopped acting in movies, and lives a life of leisure in Metropolitan apartment. They shared with Ephraim’s daughter Anna Maria broke off contact with his mother as he does not believe that she can recover from addiction.

June 8, Mikhail Efremov drunk got in an accident. In the accident killed the truck driver, who drove the car artist.