Former MP suggested to steal Yanukovych

Бывший нардеп предложил выкрасть Януковича

Russia will not give the President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych. To deliver it to Ukraine for punishment can only be achieved through the RAID to kidnapping and forcible delivery.

This opinion was expressed by MP of previous convocations Grigory Omelchenko in the television broadcast.

“The case in Ukraine and Russia, lawyers, political forces are trying to give political entourage. So it may happen that Interpol did not put it in the search. The Ukrainian side may apply to Russia, between Ukraine and the Russian Federation estrogenor extradition. But according to my information, Yanukovych is the citizen of the Russian Federation. If so, it comes into effect the Constitution which prohibits the extradition of nationals to other States.

What to do? We must apply the experience of the Israeli intelligence services who were searching for war criminals and just stole them from another state, delivered to their country. There was tried and executed for crimes… If the decision operation to capture Yanukovych the situation appears on the verge of failure, is to eliminate Yanukovych and quietly slip away from the country of his stay,” – said Omelchenko.