Former U.S. ambassadors saw the coronavirus chance for Ukraine to regain the Crimea

Экс-послы США увидели в коронавирусе шанс для Украины вернуть Крым

Former us ambassadors to Kyiv Steven Pifer, John Herbst and William Taylor wrote an article for NPR, in which he invites the Ukrainian authorities to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, and to return the Crimean Peninsula.

“Coronavirus crisis provides an opportunity to end the war in Ukraine”, – reads the headline. In the article, the former ambassadors noted that the spread of coronavirus and the resulting economic problems that create the “unexpected opportunity” to negotiate with Moscow.

According to the authors, the American President Donald trump in cooperation with the leaders of Germany, France and Ukraine have to offer Moscow to end the conflict in Ukraine in exchange for the lifting of restrictive measures. In the case of the transfer of Crimea to Kiev “may be removed and other sanctions”, said the former diplomats.

Ruposters wrote that former U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine also said it is possible to use a coronavirus infection COVID-19 to end the war in the Donbass.