Formula E prepares to launch

"Формула E" готовится к старту

Before the start of the season, “Formula E” class of racing that use open-wheel electric cars, with only a few days. Drivers and manufacturers are working around the clock to have everything ready in time. Huge attention is given to the Frenchman Jean-Eric Verny – winner last season. Racing driver and this time determined to fight for the title.

Jean-Eric Vergne-racing driver: “I think it will be a very exciting season, we have a new race. We also have a brand new car the second generation of “Formula E”. It’s completely different, so it is difficult to say who will be faster. I think we have a very solid joint pack with DS, and we hope it’s a good enough car that will give the opportunity to fight for the victory in the championship.”

Racing of “Formula E” was launched in September 2014. They showed that electric vehicles produce little noise and minimal emissions. According to experts, the noise level at high speed is about 80 dB. Whereas in the “Formula 1” – 130 dB.

Jean-Eric Vergne-racing driver: Formula E is just a little message that we send to our planet. It would be nice if things started to move in one direction and to do something for the planet, for a green planet. I think we are moving in the right direction, and should this path continue.”

The new season of “Formula E” will start on Saturday, December 15. The first phase, which will be attended by 22 of the rider, will be held in Saudi Arabia. All in all – 13 races that will end the dual stage in new York.

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