“Formula Zelensky” for Donbass: what does it mean and what are the caveats

"Формула Зеленского" для Донбасса: что это значит и какие есть предостережения

Conditional “formula Zelensky” the Donbass is more tactical steps. Ukraine needs tough to exhibit their own terms.

This 24 channel said the co-chair KI – “Right cause” Dmitry Snegirev.

As noted by the expert, there are a few reservations about the President’s proposed Zelensky steps. Firstly, according to Snegirev, Russia will go to the exchange of prisoners “all for all” only when Ukraine agreed to a formula Steinmeier, which provides special status ORDO.

The formula Steinmeier cannot be mounted on the paper because then the elections in ORDA will be held according to Ukrainian laws. And in the presence of the regular armed forces of the Russian Federation and local terrorists

– said Dmitry Snegirev.

Secondly, the simplification of the payment of pensions to residents ORDO. The government offers every two months, and once a year to come to the relevant authorities to confirm the identity. But, according to experts, it will lead to problems for the Pension Fund. It would be difficult to calculate the exact number of pensioners in ORDA. In fact, we will pay to dead souls, and it is an additional burden on the state budget. And this can lead to “retirement tourism”. The money of pensioners unable to strangers or the ones who finances illegal armed forces in ORDA.

What does the formula Steinmeier?

This algorithm, which proposed by the former foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier in 2015 to settle the armed conflict in the Donbass. According to his formula, the parties of the conflict simultaneously and in parallel to carry out political and bezopasnostyu the provisions of the agreements. First, Ukraine should adopt a law on elections in the Donbass, and then to dissolve the army and hold elections. After their recognition of the OSCE in the Donbass need to provide a special status. Only then a complete withdrawal of illegal armed formations from the occupied regions and return to Ukraine control of the border.

According to experts, simplification of the payment of pensions to residents ORDO Zelensky wants to show the humanitarian nature of pension provision. But the Western partners have to explain that we do not abandon pension provision for those forced to live in ORGLA – provided work in the occupied territories of the Ukrainian banking system and the pension Fund. This is our demand. However, due to the Russian aggression, Ukraine is deprived of such opportunities.

Ukraine should clearly define a strategy of de-occupation. Return ORDA on the terms of Russia will not. We must demand full integration ORDA under the control of Ukraine – in our legal field. All enterprises, the cancellation of the so-called laws ORDA. All citizens of the Russian Federation to deprive the Ukrainian citizenship. Any preferences and the Confederation. Want elections – here’s the conditions

– emphasizes Dmitry Snegirev.

What is the “formula Zelensky”?

The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko said that there is a conditional “formula Zelensky”, which should correspond to the expectations of the Ukrainian people. And in its embodiment of the current Ukrainian government has six months to a year. According to him, this means that Ukraine will try to rescue from captivity all Ukrainians and to try to “mentally, messages and symbols” to reach out to the Ukrainian people, who remained on the other side of the line of contact. The foreign Minister emphasized that the President Zelensky offers to make the people in the occupied territories should not have been every 60 days to re-register for a pension, and could do it once a year.

“These steps are the basis of the conditional “formula Zelensky” at the end of which is: if we do not soon we can put all these measures solve the problem, then we should move on to some new other drastic measures. Ends “formula Zelensky” a phrase that we don’t have five years to continue the negotiations and every day to Wake up and read, who was shot by a sniper and who where killed,” said Pristayko.