Found a record-breaking black hole

Обнаружили рекордно большую черную дыру

Scientists from the max Planck Institute in Germany have discovered a record-breaking black hole in the entire history of observations. It is located in the center of the galaxy Holm 15A, located 700 million light years from Earth.

According to Science Alert, its mass is about 40 billion times more solar. While this figure is 10 thousand times greater than the mass of the black hole in the core of the milky way galaxy.

As the research took place. The team used data from the Very large telescope of the European southern Observatory (Very Large Telescope, ESO). It is located in the highland of the Atacama desert in Chile.

So, scientists have dealt a major point to reproduce the structure of Holm 15A. Next, we conducted simulations, which showed a huge mass and record the size of the black hole. It takes up space in 790 astronomical units (the distance from the earth to the Sun, about 118.5 trillion kilometers).

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