Found a way to learn a foreign language in your sleep

Найден способ учить иностранные языки во сне

The human brain is able to memorize new words in a dream. It is proved by scientists from the University of Bern in Switzerland, writes portal Medical News Today.

Specialists conducted a study and proved that certain phases of sleep in humans can occur in Association with unfamiliar words.

Scientists conducted an experiment with participation of 41 people. The subjects in the dream was given to listen to various pairs of words where one word was in the native language and the second in the fictional. The electroencephalogram was recorded indicators of brain activity.

After the revival had offered to take the test. The task of the observers was to determine whether the word describes a fictitious object placed in a box from-under footwear.

After analyzing the test results, the experts came to the conclusion that the phrases heard in the deeper stages of sleep several times, were remembered better. Thus, deep sleep is the most favourable stage for learning new information.