Found a way to reduce the price of cars by 10%

Найден способ снизить цены на машины на 10%

Manufacturers have proposed to make the localization of the components in national projects.

The inclusion of the problem of localization of automotive components in national projects will reduce the cost of Russian cars. This “news” stated in the “GAZ Group”. The idea was supported in the “AVTOVAZ”, it noted that the initiative will help implement automotive strategy up to 2025. Problems with localization note and other players of the automotive market. In “Reno Russia” and KAMAZ consider necessary measures of state support localization. Proposals for the addition of national projects the Ministry is ready to consider. The experts and analysts agree that the project will help reduce the cost of the finished machine by about 10%.

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Localization of production involves the use of manufactured in Russia machinery components, developed and produced in the country. This provides control over the intellectual property and technology components.