Found an unexpected cause rapid discharge of the smartphone

Обнаружили неожиданную причину быстрого разряда смартфона

The company Protected Media identified one of the reasons why some smartphones without a good reason is very quickly discharged. Experts believe that this may be the fault of the Scam: of the device users who do not suspect anything, overly consumed not only the battery but also the traffic.

What’s the problem? As reported by GSMArena, experts Protected Media found in the code Aniview Israeli company that develops advertising technologies, traces of Ad Stacking – functions with multiple banners superimposed on each other.

This allows fraudsters to buy a fairly cheap space for placement of banners and the static image to play multiple videos. This leads to increased load on the processor of the mobile device, rising costs, battery power and additional consumption of Internet traffic.

Обнаружили неожиданную причину быстрого разряда смартфона

Fraudulent scheme display advertising

What is the harm from this type of fraud? From this type of fraud affects not only users and their gadgets, but companies that pay for impressions and views, as well as applications and platforms that buy and sell place ad. Advertisers say that people watching their videos, but the impact of this is not enough, so companies have to pay even more.

Looks like is superimposed on the other – see the video

The reaction of the company. Craig Silverman, a reporter for BuzzFeed News contacted representatives Aniview to ask the company about her involvement in this fraudulent scheme. CEO Alon Carmel denies any connection with the attackers and argues that the code for them written third-party company, and the exploit occurred through the fault of third parties.

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