Found dead opponent Pashinsky in the elections to the Parliament, – Portnov

Найден мертвым оппонент Пашинского на выборах в Раду, - Портнов

In the Zhytomyr region was found dead of a young man who stood up to a notorious ex-MP Sergei Pashinsky in the parliamentary elections at the 64th constituency in the city of Korosten.

“The guy who the parliamentary elections fought Pashinsky found dead. Friends, I do not want to say, but we have to perform the collective image of the person involved. He appears where death and violence”, – said in his Telegram channel lawyer Andriy Portnov, reports Glavred.

According to human rights activist, Pashinsky and previously was the initiator of the criminal offences predominantly on a large scale because of excessive greed.

“I do not need to remind him of involvement in mass killings on Maidan and the theft of arms supply to the army of defective ammo and shooting passerby in Kyiv. In each of these episodes – risk people, a superficial attitude to human life or direct intent on violence instead of greed,” writes Portnow.

The lawyer said Pashinsky is “Chikatilo, who has long been asking to jail.” He urged law enforcement authorities to carefully study the deaths of men in Korosten.

The disappearance in Korosten Zhytomyr region Ilya Items previously reported by the publishing Country. He was associated with the namesake Pashinsky who was a candidate in people’s deputies on the district 64, on the eve of elections but withdrew his candidacy.

“My son went missing on June 28 at 22:52 at the gas station the Factor in front of the village Pasini. Drove his car, got out, went to the corner to the pavilion and disappeared. June 30 I went to the police opened criminal proceedings on the fact of disappearance. But then things get weird – the police began struggling to tighten and slow down. Ilya no one is looking, a consequence of the delay. Permission to take footage from surveillance cameras of the gas station was already on 1 July, and police seized records only 8 July. In the video there is a “black hole”, the data is erased as if someone unknown,” says the mother suddenly disappeared young men.

Reporters learned that Ilya was the middleman who for a fee found namesakes Pashinsky and helped them to stand for election in the one district with the scandalous people’s Deputy from the popular front.Subsequently, however, the twins former policy withdrew and did not participate in the elections.