Found folder Android-virus

Найден неудаляемый Android-вирус

Specialists Malwarebytes found and described the virus xHelper. According to them, the malware comes back to the phone, even after the complete removal of data from the device, according to the website of the company.

Experts on cyber security have received a smartphone is infected with a virus xHelper. They failed to get rid of malware even after a full reset of the device and its flashing. Specialists noticed that the files of the virus are returned to the device after some time after removal.

After studying the characteristics xHelper, the experts found out that the re-emergence of the program is connected with Google Play as after you disable the online store for Android the virus is stopped from returning. Malwarebytes failed to find out exactly how the program is reinstalled on a device, but the company has concluded that xHelper does not appear directly from Google Play, but uses an online repository as “a smokescreen”.

As a Council for the cure of the smartphone from virus experts recommended to temporarily disable Google Play via settings, test the machine with any antivirus and delete all malware traces. According to experts, with high probability the virus will not appear again.

XHelper virus was identified in may 2019. The program enters the smartphone of the victim, installs and self-installs a large number of applications.