Found new confirmation of the theory of relativity [VIDEO]

Обнаружено новое подтверждение теории относительности Эйнштейна [ВИДЕО]

More than a hundred years ago albert Einstein formulated the General theory of relativity, according to which any rotating body moves behind the very fabric of space-time. After 20 years of observing a pair of space objects using the CSIRO Parkes telescope astronomers have found clear proof of the prediction of the famous physicist-theoretician.

Australian astronomers observe a celestial body with a code name PSR J1141-6545 consists of two “dead” stars rotating around each other with great speed. One of them is a white dwarf the size of the Earth, but 300,000 times denser, and the second pulsar, which is a ball with a diameter of only 20 km and the ground, something like our Sun. The latter rotates around its pair is less than 5 hours at a speed of 1 million km/h. in addition, each of the objects additionally very quickly rotates around its axis.

It is proved that from pulsars usually originate impulses at equal intervals of time. According to some astronomers, this pair of spikes came at different times. The offset signal of the pulsar in time in the past 20 years indicates that the plane of its orbit gradually bends under the effect of rotation of the white dwarf.

The assurance of astronomers, this means that spinning objects twist and pull for a space-time in its neighborhood, which is a direct proof of the General theory of relativity.