Found protection from a stroke at home

Canadian scientists have shown that olive oil protects against cardiovascular pathologies. Now everyone can easily to prevent stroke.

Найдена защита от инсульта в домашних условиях

Experts from the Research center of biotechnology, which is located at the Hospital of St. Michael (Canada), conducted a series of studies to identify products that will help prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It turned out that a panacea can be foods that have high content of unsaturated fats, one of these is olive oil.

The study found that prevention of heart diseases contributes to apolipoprotein – plasma protein, increases in concentration which occur after eating. Canadian experts proved that this protein is a factor that can inhibit the activity of platelets, which play a fundamental role in pathological processes that affect it the cardiovascular system.

The experiments showed that apolipoprotein blocks membrane protein glycoprotein that is involved in platelet aggregation. This process may cause vascular occlusion or collapse the blood, which leads to stroke. Eating a sufficient amount of the protein can instantly improve the flow of blood. The experiment showed that apolipoprotein works best at night, and the lowest activity observed in the morning. This remark explains why the greatest number of strokes occur just after awakening.

Now found protection against stroke and each can be prevented in the home. Further research should help to develop appropriate methods of treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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