Found the link between education and obesity

Нашли связь между образованием и ожирением

Scientists conducted a study and found that in men there is a relationship between education level and obesity. In women, this dependence is not discovered, pass Novosti.

Scientists said that improving the quality of education in men is also increasing the percentage of those who are obese. According to the study, 43% men, not graduated from high school, has maintained a normal weight. The comparable figure for those who have received higher education of 35%. Moreover, more than half of those who graduated from universities, obese (65%).

However, such a link between education level and obesity in women is not observed. Interesting fact that married men were obese, significantly more than married women.

Scientists spoke about how obesity affects life. People with excess weight get sick more often turn to doctors and buy medicines. They have low self esteem and prone to depression. What surprised the researchers was the fact that the populations in which less than all those who are obese – were citizens. Among them are more than those who do not experience problems with weight.