Found the only surviving statue of Leonardo da Vinci (photo)

Найдена единственная уцелевшая статуя Леонардо да Винчи (фото)

Art experts claim that several details indicate that the statue “Madonna with a laughing child”, which belongs to the Victoria and albert Museum designed by a great artist.

As informs edition The Guardian, the curators of the exhibition in Florence, dedicated to the works of Leonardo da Vinci, showed the sculpture, which they call the only surviving statue of Leonardo da Vinci, writes “New time”.

Hundreds of years of legends about the fact that Leonardo not only painted, but also created sculpture. Among them was the name of the sculpture of a giant horse, but so far no three-dimensional works of the great master was found.

Madonna with a laughing baby / Photo: @Victoria&Albert Gallery

According to the curators of the exhibition Verrocchio: “the highlight of the exhibition, which opened at the Palazzo Strozzi, is the “Madonna with a laughing child.” It is a definite mark that its author, Leonardo da Vinci. She pointed out that da Vinci created the statue about 1472, when he was 19 or 20 years old, and at that time he was a student of the Florentine artist Andrea del Verrocchio.”

The statue belongs in a Museum V&A Gallery in 1858. For a long time the authorship of the statues attributed to the sculptor Antonio Rossellino (1427 – 1479). According to Francesco Caglioti, the Italian scientist who initiated a new study of the authorship of the statue, the scientists had long been in the thrall of the authority of the late art historian and British Museum Director John Pope-Hennessy.

Interestingly, he Kaliati, who teaches at the University of Naples, a renowned expert on the sculptures of the Renaissance. At 8 years of age he surprised the art world, making your own catalogue of the collection of the Louvre.

Pope-Hennessy was extremely influential expert of the twentieth century. He announced that the sculpture belongs to the hand Rossellino, and the art world has accepted this fact. Kaliati claims that Pope-Hennessy was not any evidence for such a conclusion, moreover, it has actively promoted creativity Rossellino and therefore, do not hesitate, “was attributed to him work.”

Kaliati pay attention to two important details that indicate that the sculpture belongs to Leonardo da Vinci. First, it is voluminous drapery, which descend to the feet of the Madonna. They are very similar to sketches of the drapery, which at that time did the da Vinci. These sketches are exhibited at the exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi. Second, this baby-face and his realistic good point posture. It looks alive. Such attention to the actual behavior of young children is also characteristic of the drawings of Leonardo. In addition, the image of Christ, and even laughing, in the XV century was not only revolutionary, but almost blasphemous.

The sketches of Leonardo da Vinci / Photo: @The Royal Collection/Royal Collection Trust

In one of his diaries, Leonardo da Vinci recalls how in his youth got into trouble due to the fact that portrayed little of Christ. Can the sculpture “Madonna with a laughing child” to be the same work which had brought on a great artist in trouble?

The Victoria&Albert Museum Gallery are cautious in their statements: “the First assumption is that the sculpture of the Madonna with a laughing child belongs to Leonardo da Vinci, was made in 1899. Research Professor Caglioti re-opened the issue for discussion of its authorship”.

photo from open sources

Найдена единственная уцелевшая статуя Леонардо да Винчи (фото)

Найдена единственная уцелевшая статуя Леонардо да Винчи (фото)