Four new characters and updated old – future updates for Don’t Starve Together

Четыре новых персонажа и обновленные старые - будущие апдейты для Don’t Starve Together

Since the release of Don’t Starve has been almost six years, and Klei Entertainment keeps releasing new updates. Yesterday at a forum of developers “vigilada” shared plans for a multiplayer spin off game with a note Together.

The developers promise a lot of fresh and free content, the first portion of which will appear in the middle of April. Subsequent additions will be delivered every couple of months. Specific innovations of the developers is not called, but we are talking about new biomes, creatures and other unnamed elements.

Also, the Studio revealed that the next year is going to upgrade all the main characters – their abilities will be reworked, and the background will be supplemented with the details. The first will be the Winona – her update will come in March. The updated version of the other protagonists will come out on one piece each month. Along with them for purchase will be available fresh skins.

In addition, Klei will add four new characters. Developers will start their production from the middle of March, and every new hero will appear every two months. The developers have not yet fully decided on the price yet but plan to sell one character for 6.99 dollar. In addition, the buyer will receive a full set of clothes.

Of course, the authors Don’t Starve working on bug fixes and support for the console versions of the game. Read more to see a list of plans here.