Four patients at the same time: in Odessa, the test valve of the ventilator

Четыре пациента одновременно: в Одессе тестируют клапан для аппарата ИВЛ

In Odessa, a group of engineers and medical tests printed on a 3D printer, a pilot valve, which will allow you to connect to one lung (ALV) of the four patients simultaneously.

“Right this minute Revel Laboratory in the Medical home Odrex is testing a valve that one ALV essentially turns into a 4. This valve they printed on a 3D printer after a week of development and consultation with an international team of engineers. As long as it works,” wrote Stavnitser.

In his words, “the technology of “dilution” ventilation on two patients they saw in Italy, and contacted the manufacturers. It quickly became clear that just copying them will not work – the vast majority of our devices are not like the Italians. So Ivan Chebotarev and David Stavnitser gathered all over the planet interested engineers and doctors, as well as attracted to their work Professor of anesthesiology and intensive care Oleg Tarabrin. And they did it”.

If successful drawings and instructions promised to lay out in open access.

However, one of the best anesthesiologists of the Odessa regional children’s hospital Wheni Glazov spoke with skepticism about the valve for ventilation: while “the fact that the video – no more than an interesting artifact…” In his opinion, solved many technical issues and it can lead to death of the patient.

Other users of social networks who are represented by doctors, in particular, indicate that the ventilator should monitor the patient’s condition, and to adjust to its changes. That is, to use the camera “four” should be selected patients in the “same” condition, that matches the dynamics of change in vital parameters, which is practically impossible. In the most dramatic comments suggest to apply the invention on the Barbie dolls.

As reported previously Stavnitser expressed the view that the task of the regional crisis staff is the purchase of the “party of at least 100 of the ventilator, to which you can direct money from the city and region”. According to him, the Odessa business has purchased protection, equipment and other about 30 million hryvnia. “Companies give money for specific purchases,” said Stavnitser.

As of 10:00 March 26, according to Ministry of health, Ukraine 156 laboratory-confirmed cases Covid-19, including 5 deaths, 1 patient recovered and discharged from hospital.