Four ships of mine group NATO entered the Black sea

Четыре корабля противоминной группы НАТО вошли в Черное море

In the Black sea includes four ships of mine group NATO SNMCMG2, which will certainly take part in the annual international exercises Sea Breeze – 2020.

About the campaign the group of ships was announced by the head of the project “black sea Institute of strategic researches” Andrey Klimenko Facebook.

“In the Black sea ships entered the 2nd permanent mine group NATO SNMCMG2. In particular, Turkish minesweeper TCG Amasra (M-266), Spanish – ESPS Tambre (M 33), Italian – ITS Gaeta (5554) and the flagship of the group – the supply ship the Greek Navy HS Aliakmon (A-470),” – said Klimenko.

According to UKRINFORM, on SNMCMG2 group, headed by a Greek officer Dimitrios Katsaros, will join the Romanian and Bulgarian ships.

Later ships of the group are expected to take part in the international exercise Sea Breeze-2020, held annually in July.

It should be noted that on the eve of doctrines Sea Breeze-2020 this year, which will involve ships and aircraft of the Navy of the Armed forces of Ukraine, in the North-Western Black sea held a 5-day camp ships boats and ships of the Ukrainian fleet with the aim of testing elements of combat training of the units ‘ cohesiveness of diverse forces and the demonstration of their presence in the black sea region.

According to the press service of naval forces of VSU, exercises Sea Breeze-2020 will take place during July 20-26.

Recently in Odessa was held the final part of planning the Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze-2020: the participants agreed that due to the early stages of the exercises will be held exclusively in the sea phase involving aircraft. Sea Breeze 2020 will be attended by about ten countries, and one of the features will be the participation in the exercise of ships of the standing group of NATO.

In the past year, from 1 to 12 July in the South of Ukraine was held exercises Sea Breeze-2019, which was attended by nearly 3 thousand troops from 19 countries. The exercise was conducted in four stages. The main effort during the exercise was aimed at testing the control and protection of sea communications, important coastal infrastructure.

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