Four times more powerful than Microsoft presented the new Xbox

Вчетверо мощнее: Microsoft презентовали новый Xbox

The presentation was held at the conference E3. The new console will be released in the winter of 2020.

Yesterday in the United States began the conference E3 2019, which was opened by the representatives of Microsoft. As expected, the development of a new generation of Xbox was launched. The new working title for Scarlett.

According to the developers, the new console will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. Microsoft presented the new Xbox along with a trailer for the game Halo Infinite. The novelty will appear on store shelves no earlier than 2020. In particular, the Xbox will be released during the winter holidays.

Features of the new console, confirm the words of Phil Spencer, the head of the “gaming” division of Microsoft. In the basis of the device is a processor architecture AMD Zen 2 and RAM GDDR6 format. Xbox will support 120 FPS, and the hard disk will be replaced capacious SSD.

Earlier, Microsoft signed a collaboration agreement with Sony in the development of consoles. Experts surprised by such a step the competition, but the logic in this: it is better to “divide” the market remaining a monopoly without waiting for the strengthening of new competitors.

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