Four-year-old citizen of Finland, was kidnapped in Russia

Четырехлетнюю гражданку Финляндии похитили в Россию

According to the newspaper Iltalehti, the girl’s mother took her to Russia without the permission of the father, who is the guardian of the child.

29 Feb mother without her father’s permission took four-year-old girl in Russia, the newspaper Iltalehti. The father is the guardian of the child, and is now trying all possible means to get back his daughter.

The girl is a citizen of Finland, said Later she also received a Russian passport which have father. The father is perplexed in an interview with Iltalehti that he does not understand as a child out of Finland without the permission of a guardian.

Police are investigating the case under the criminal code “kidnapping”. As far as we know, the mother and the girl crossed the border through a check point of Vaalimaa. Commissioner Kati-Susanna Lukkarinen Police Lapland confirm the information.

– We are in close cooperation with the Prosecutor, and communicated, as with the Consulate and Ministry of foreign Affairs. Strive to make the child as soon as possible returned to her father, says Kati-Susanna Lukkarinen in an interview with Iltalehti.