Fourni is an archipelago of sunken ships

Фурни - архипелаг затонувших кораблей

The largest graveyard of shipwrecks in the Aegean sea found around the Greek archipelago of fourni international team of archaeologists. Found 58 vehicles date back to the ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras. Many of them were Laden with ancient artifacts.

Underwater photography specialists non-profit organization, RPM Nautical Foundation (whose headquarters are located in Malta and in the U.S. Key West) began in the vicinity of the archipelago in 2015. Very soon, the score found at the bottom of the ships went to the top ten: “it’s Hard to describe my excitement, says underwater archaeologist from the RPM Nautical Foundation Peter Campbell, – I just could not believe my eyes! We immediately realized that we had stumbled onto something that could change the history books”.

Archaeologists are convinced that their findings will help to explore the trade routes of the ancient Mediterranean. “Ninety percent of us discovered the sunken vessels were Laden with amphorae, says project Manager FOURNOI SURVEY Georgios Katsufrakis. – In ancient times, this vessel was used to store and transport liquid and semi-liquid goods, mainly oil, wine, fish sauce and maybe honey…”

Among the reasons for the population near fourni shipwrecks experts believe extremely rugged coastline make up the archipelago of the Islands of Ikaria, Samos and Patmos, and also severe weather. We should not forget about thriving here once piracy.

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