Fourth place no one wants – Pidhrushna commented on the loss of a medal of the world Cup 2020

The leader of the Ukrainian team in biathlon Olena Pidhrushna commented on the results of the sprint in the world Championships. Pidhrushna took 4 th place.

Pidhrushna disappointed that failed to win a medal. In the fight for bronze she lost to Lucy Charvatova just 4 seconds.

It’s the world Cup – the fourth and fifth places are not wanted. I wanted a medal, but it happened. It was my mistake, peredergivali it on the first shot. On the last lap tried to add at the finish already learned what happened to add where I could
– said Behind the channel “NTU”.

Elena also emphasized the complexity of the world championship. In particular, according to her, this is evident in the number of misses. “Not enough zeros for this kind of weather”, – concluded the Ukrainian.

  • During the sprint, only four of the 101 women shot clean. Among the Quartet of Vita Semerenko.
  • Valentina Semerenko and Juliya dzhyma made two mistakes. Olena Pidhrushna missed a single target.
  • Failed shooting Kaisa Mäkäräinen (4), Ingrid-landmark Tandrevold (4), Lena Hakki (6), Julia Simon (4), Anna öberg (3).
  • Sprint on February 14 was won by the Norwegian olsbu Marte Reiseland.
  • Next race within the biathlon world Championships will be held February 15. At the start of the sprint will be men.