Fourth year continues the overhaul of the pool in Krivoy Rog

Четвертый год продолжается капитальный ремонт бассейна в Кривом Роге

In Krivoy Rog overhaul the 50-meter pool in one of the sports schools of the city.

This Informant reported the press service of Executive Committee of Kryvyi Rih city Council.

Already replaced the ceiling and Windows, strengthened walls and newly restored pool. It all started with the fact that he wanted to renovate the ceiling and walls. But, when I removed the old design, had to carry capacity of the walls. Then began the replacement of the lining of the bowl and found the cracks. So, did the project for the restoration of the bowl.

Chief engineer Sergey Kurennoy spoke about the complexities of the object that lie in the presence of many latent defects which appear only after dismantling. They are gradually revealed, which entails the adjustment with the addition of quantities. The builders said that now in the pool we are installing the pipeline and starts the waterproofing and the lining of the pool.

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“In our pool we will be able to hold competitions and Championships at all levels. Tracks and tables for swimmers will meet FIFA requirements. Now our athletes are trained in the sports schools. This year already has 6 masters of sport in swimming. I am grateful for the hard work of the coaches and parents for understanding. Even in such circumstances, our athletes show good results, ” – said the Director of DYUSSH No. 1 Yuri Saturday.

It is noted that after the overhaul of the pool can accept more than 1,000 swimmers a day. It is not only professional athletes, but also pupils, students, adult Wellness group.

The guide Krivoy Rog reports that the pool is capitally repaired for the first time after 35 years. Repair work began in February of 2016. To finish it was planned in September 2016. However, the timing of delivery of object in operation is transferred several times already.

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