France again broke out the protests of “yellow jackets”, 223 detainees

Во Франции вновь вспыхнули протесты "желтых жилетов", 223 задержанных

In France a new wave of anti-government protests, police arrested 223 people

In Paris and other French cities Saturday, January 26th, once again held a protest of the “yellow jackets.” Anti-government protests held in the country for the eleventh weekend in a row.

In the capital, hundreds of demonstrators marched up the Champs elysées towards place de La Bastille in another part of town. As in previous weeks, the protesters holding French flags and banners with slogans against the “king of Makron”. The organizers of the protests encouraged to have them not only during the day. In the evening, demonstrators plan to gather at Republic square for the campaign “yellow night”.

In Strasbourg, the protesters marched to the European Parliament. Also, there are major protests in Toulouse, Marseille and Bordeaux. As of 14 hours in the interior Ministry estimated the number of protesters in 22 thousand of them in Paris – 2.5 thousand. Last week at this same time, the Ministry has declared about 27 thousand of protesters around the country, of which seven thousand are in the capital. In Bordeaux participated in the protest took up to 5 thousand demonstrators.

The demonstrations are mostly peaceful, however, occasionally arise again clashes with police, though not as large as during the December shares. In Paris on January 26, was detained 223 people. Near the Bastille square, the demonstrators threw stones at the guards. Reported clashes also in Montpellier, Nantes, Toulouse, évreux. To policing across the country attracted about 80 thousand militiamen.