France is the tenth demonstration “yellow jackets”

Во Франции проходит десятая демонстрация "желтых жилетов"

In Paris on Saturday, January 19, is the tenth event of the “yellow jackets”, therefore on the streets of the French capital are 5 thousand police officers. Also in full readiness – eight units of armored machinery of the police, reports “Interfax-Ukraine” with reference to the channel BFM-TV.

As in the previous Saturday covered a few blocks, in particular the Champs elysées, the Concorde, the area around the Elysee Palace and the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Earlier, the demonstrators declared his intention to March through the streets of Paris this Saturday. The demonstration was called “step 10: a Million in Paris.” Protests also have to go to the place de La Bastille. Some representatives of the “yellow jackets” declared the intention to withdraw with flowers and candles in tribute to those killed during the demonstrations.

French media reported that the protest today is also going to Toulouse, Bordeaux, Rouen, Lille and Marseille.

In parallel with these shares in France since January, also the movement is gaining momentum “Red pen”. Representatives are employees of educational institutions who are dissatisfied with working conditions and require in particular higher wages.