“France needs a General, not an effeminate liberal!”: Marine Le pen issued an ultimatum to the President of France

«Франции нужен генерал, а не женственный либерал!»: Марин Ле Пэн выдвинула ультиматум президенту Франции

The head of the French nationalist opposition “National Union” marine Le pen said that if the President of France Makron will lose elections to the European Parliament, he should resign.

According to head of the French right-wing opposition to marine Le pen, the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, which Emmanuel macron wants to achieve passage of the mass of his supporters in the parliamentary structure of the European Union, will be a referendum “for or against Emmanuel Makron”.

Emmanuel macron has already taken a number of steps, according to which political analysts drew the conclusion that he intended as the first President of the European Union. The office of the French President used to release the decrees of the Macron in all languages of the EU, and the macron is making great efforts to create a unified European army and the border service. So in the words of Le pen is the truth – if the supporters of Macron lose the election to the European Parliament, it would indicate a rejection of his policies by all EU countries.

The claims of right-wing opposition to left-liberal President of France Emmanuel Makron to can be reduced to the often repeated phrase: “France needs a General, not an effeminate liberal!”. Under the “General” here refers to the legendary French President Charles de Gaulle, former leader of the anti-Nazi French resistance during the Second World war. After the war he became head of France and was able to achieve growth of the French economy, the emergence of the country’s own nuclear weapons and space programs.

If de Gaulle is synonymous with France success, social stability and military-political power, Emmanuel macron associated with crises: “yellow jackets”, the influx of refugees, the problems with the economy. All of this is blamed to the Macron, which is considered responsible for the slow death of France. That is why marine Le pen issued an ultimatum to the President of France, hoping that the resignation of Macron can still help France.