Fraud in defence procurement: the 6 biggest scandals during the war

Махинации на оборонных закупках: 6 самых громких скандалов во время войны

“I will not allow anyone to steal from the army. Those who will steal from the army, hands cut off”. These words belong to President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. He said on 12 October 2017. Then it was the third year of the Ukrainian-Russian war. By the beginning of 2019 thieves have not diminished, but their hands were in place. High-profile scandals in the defense industry of Ukraine – in the article 24 of the channel.

The journalists of the program “Our money” published an investigation into fraudulent purchases of military equipment and spare parts. They said about a long-term scheme of the laundering of hundreds of millions of hryvnias from the Ukrainian defense complex, which allegedly involved the son of the first Deputy Secretary of national security Council Oleg Gladkovsky partner of the President of Petro Poroshenko. Poor quality parts and equipment from Russia smuggling sell, “Ukroboronprom” by the company-strip, at the same time launder massive amounts of money.

Most corrupt practices in the defense industry of Ukraine has arisen in the procurement of spare parts and weapons. The war allowed us to make some purchases secret. And while military action has not always been the need to understand, where did the weapons. It is on this and profited from “dealers” selling equipment at exorbitant prices. And sometimes just scrap metal. Often these weapons or parts for it went out of the country-an aggressor – Russia. In the ranking of the Government Defense Anticorruption Index, which is the London office of Transparency International to monitor the situation of corruption in the defence sector, Ukraine is included into group D. Most of the country is group A, and the most questionable group F.

In the beginning of the war only half of the parts for its military equipment and weapons, Ukraine has produced itself. 10% imported from Western countries, 35% – from Russia. But in the end of 2015, the state concern “Ukroboronprom” reported that 70% of the necessary equipment is produced in Ukraine, another 30% is purchased in the West. No Russia. Journalistic investigation has denied this information.

Ukroboronprom” States that it uses Russian components in 2015

Russian Ukrainian helicopters blades

Located in Sumy region Konotop aircraft repair plant “AVIAKON” is included in “Ukroboronprom” also serves the technical needs of aviation, including military. Thus, in particular, “AVIAKON” repairs, will convert and modernize helicopters Mi – in particular, such as Mi-2, Mi-6, Mi-8, Mi-17 and Mi-24. Also the factory workers watch as the helicopters and provide technical support for refurbished models, most popular of which is the Mi-8 helicopter and its modifications. To the helicopters remained in working condition, the plant regularly buys for them new items. In particular, for example, rotor blades of the helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-17.

According to the site ProZorro, from August 2016 to February 2018 for tenders for the supply of blades and tail rotor for the “AVIAKON” was won by four companies: “Vitaservis”, “Avia Snab SERVIS”, “trade AG” and registered in Prague, the Czechoslovak Export Ltd. The above-mentioned foreign firms, as found by the journalists of the program “Schemes” are not manufacturers necessary “AVIAKON” blades.

Passports offer products “Vitaservis” once did “light up” on the tender in the fall of 2017, the year when I suggested to put the rotor blades on the order of one of the units. Manufacturer parts – Ulan-Ude blade plant (Buryatia, Russia). It is a “subsidiary” of the second level of another Russian company – “Ulan-Ude aviation plant”. The last part of the holding “Helicopters of Russia”, which is part of state Corporation rostec. The company this group is actively working on the Russian defense order.

And of “Ulan-Ude aviation plant”, and “Helicopters of Russia” under the sanctions of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine. This means a ban on the establishment of business contacts and a ban on financial transactions.

Very sorry if we still haven’t replaced all the parts. And I warn that if we somehow get components from Russia, and someone is going to break, I personally think that it is a crime against the defense of our country. You understand my position? My position was echoed by the head of the SBU and the state. We had to arm our army,

– threatened reporters the head of the parliamentary Committee on national security and defence Sergiy Pashinsky.

The supplier “Vitaservis” there are two founders. First – Kievan Sergei Stetsenko. This is the son of former Deputy defense Minister Oleksandr Stetsenko. Now Stetsenko, senior Deputy Director “Ukroboronprom”. It is the “ukroboronprom” and the subject plant “AVIAKON”.

The second founding was in Kryvyi Rih Sergey Kirshin. He is also the co-owner of the company “Avia Snab SERVIS” – another company, which also supplied the blades at Konotop plant “AVIAKON”.

Video investigation of the program “Schemes” on the supply of Russian blades for Ukrainian helicopters

Lviv armored plant and substandard parts

In July 2017, was detained Director of the “Lviv armored plant” Roman tymkiw and the head of the Central armored Directorate of Armed forces of Ukraine. They were accused that in 2017 instead of new engines for T-72 tanks were bought BU-shnye. Initially, the amount claimed caused the state losses amounted to 28.5 million, but later – after several tests – a consequence of the reduced size of hospodar to 14.15 million.

The engines for T-72 tanks were not of good quality – they were BU-shnye. In addition, LBTS bought them from private firms “Progress” and “Bullet Line”. The latter had collaborated with contractors that do not produce military goods. For example, with “Slobodsky the bread.” It later turned out that these engines sold in 2008-2009 as surplus Ministry of defence property.

In June 2018, the defense won a lawsuit against the Lviv armored plant. The court ordered the armored plant to pay more than UAH 5 million for BU-shnye tank engines who tried to pass off as new.

40-year-old BMP for scrap

The journalists of the newspaper “New times” held an investigation, which found that the “Zhytomyr armored plant” (ZHBZ) in 2016-2017 signed a contract for the supply of infantry combat vehicles (BMP). The company has acquired a decommissioned weapons BMP-1-1980’s release from the company Wtorplast from Poland. The Polish company at the same time first bought them from the Czech company Excalibur Army for 20-25 thousand euros per unit – the price of scrap metal, according to the documents available to the HB.

Wtorplast dismantled BMP – separated the tower from the chassis. Next, ZHBZ brought it all separately in Ukraine: each tower was estimated at 66 thousand dollars, and each chassis – for 99 thousand dollars. Then the state enterprise “Zhytomyr armored plant” collected BMP, sets them on system smoke protection, national communications system, night vision devices and batteries. And sold them to the APU. The cost of the work amounted to 40 thousand dollars per unit.

Purchase scheme Zhytomyr plant of armored infantry fighting vehicles in the Polish company Wtorplast

In the end, the BMP value of 20 thousand euros cost the Ukrainian defence budget of 205 thousand dollars. Just last year, under contract with ZHBZ defense Ministry bought 200 military vehicles, spending on them $ 41 million. In other words, the government overpaid for the batch of 200 units of $ 36 million. But the scheme was headed by people’s Deputy Sergei Pashinsky, convinced the journalists.

“Trade Commodity” and a loss of 149 million hryvnias

Yet have shown the corruption scheme of embezzlement of UAH 149 million in procurement in the Ministry of defence. Among the detainees is the Deputy head of the defense Ministry Lieutenant-General Igor Pavlovsky. Also in the same case arrested the Director of the Department of public procurement and delivery of material resources of the Ministry of defense Vladimir Gulevich. This was announced on 11 October 2017.

We are talking about the abuse with the purchase of fuel for the Ministry of defense. In early 2016, the competitive bidding Committee of the Ministry of defense organized the procedure of open bidding for the purchase of liquid fuel. And in the summer without any grounds of defense and the company “trade Commodity”, which won the tender, agreed to increase fuel prices by 16%. As a result, the company additionally received from the state budget of 149 million 339 thousand.

Video investigation about company “trade Commodity”

Selling Ukrainian fuses at a lower price. What happened to the 600 thousand euros?

In April 2017 Shostka plant “Impulse” being a part of “Ukroboronprom”, has sold to the Cyprus offshore PH Strategic Business Limited 109 packages of detonators at a reduced price – for 95 thousand Euro per unit. Then they have a Cyprus offshore at market price – 684 thousand Euro bought a Serbian company Sloboda. Board went through a Latvian Bank ABLV, which is in February 2018 us Treasury accused of money laundering. In whose pockets have settled in Cyprus, the difference of almost 600 thousand euros, is not known.

But the supply of detonators involved in the son Pashinsky that since 2015, the head of external contracts state “Spetstechnoexport”. This is the company that issues licenses for export of arms.

Video of the investigation of corruption in the “Ukroboronprom”

Deadly mortar “Hammer” for the Ukrainian military

In addition to the supply of smuggled and low-quality parts, the Ukrainian defense excelled and the creation of mortar “Hammer”. That’s just since the beginning of its operation in 2016 were nine blasts, which killed or wounded Ukrainian military. As a result, as at 24 November 2018, 13 soldiers were killed and over 30 were seriously injured.

The most famous case with the explosion of the mortar “Hammer” happened on 6 July 2018 at the Rivne landfill during the brigade tactical exercises with combat shooting. The result killed three soldiers of the 128th separate mountain-assault Carpathian brigade, another nine were hospitalized with injuries. After this case was assigned to a special examination, which is to figure out what’s wrong with the weapon and why it is devastating our military.

The military Prosecutor’s office classified the findings of the examination conducted after the explosion of a mortar “the Hammer” during a training exercise at the landfill.

While in the NSDC assured that the main reasons of tragedies is dual charging and abnormal triggering of the fuse mines, in one case, combat damage to mortar caused the rupture of a mine in the barrel. In any case, the cause of the tragedy was not the mortar as “the Hammer” and “Sledge”, their design or the materials from which they are made

In the presidential Administration, commented on the initiative of impeachment



Махинации на оборонных закупках: 6 самых громких скандалов во время войны

Махинации на оборонных закупках: 6 самых громких скандалов во время войны

Махинации на оборонных закупках: 6 самых громких скандалов во время войны

Махинации на оборонных закупках: 6 самых громких скандалов во время войны