Fraud VTS $5.6 million: the lobbyist of Abramoff returns to jail

Мошенничество с ВТС на $5,6 млн: лоббист Абрамофф возвращается за решетку

Ex-convict Jack Abramoff previously accused of one of the biggest lobby scandals in Washington, will return to jail for fraud with bitcoin. Abramoff will be the first person to be convicted under the new laws, for the previous crimes he had committed. This writes Сryptopolitan.

Abramoff charged with participating in the bitcoin Scam 5.6 million dollars

According to the U.S. Ministry of justice report released Thursday, 65-year-old lobbyist pleaded guilty in the lobbying scandal that happened over 10 years ago. Again, he agreed to plead guilty to criminal conspiracy to identify yourself as a lobbyist in two different schemes.

First, the alleged legendary Abramoff not registered as a lobbyist when he was hired by an FBI agent. The second scheme was a fraud with bitcoin, which lured millions of dollars from unsuspecting investors. Together with Marcus Andrade (Andrade Marcus) of Abramoff came up with a Scam with cryptocurrency called BitCoin AML.

According to the report, they convinced investors to believe that their cryptocurrency was designed to solve the problems of money laundering and anonymity with bitcoin, which only turned out to be another fraud with the PTS. Publicly, a project of the digital currency was initiated by Andrade, whose original goal was to collect up to $100 million.

On the other hand, Abramoff promoted the fraud scheme with VTS behind the scenes, only with fake statements. According to prosecutors, Abramoff knowingly submitted these false claims in articles and meetings with potential investors. Eventually they managed to get about $5.6 million

Meanwhile, the collected funds were used for personal use as stated in the message. Investors were terrified, as the cryptocurrency had no practical application. According to reports, the former convicted lobbyist faces five years in prison.

As reported Coinews, Advisor to the darknet Silk Road pleaded guilty for participating in a conspiracy to distribute drugs, during a hearing in Federal court in Manhattan.

Coinews wrote that the scammers have convinced thousands of YouTube viewers to send bitcoin, in the result worked the old trick of “free distribution”.

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