Fraudsters came up with a cynical plan to Rob the Ukrainians: “enriched by millions”

Мошенники придумали циничный план, как обобрать украинцев: "обогатились на миллионы"

Scammers have found a new scheme, which is used in order to get the money to Ukrainians

Scammers do not hesitate to cash in on the sick and wounded soldiers of the ATO. There is a group of extortionists who spetsializiruyutsya on the so-called social engineering.

Criminals find social networks ads asking for assistance in the treatment of military and withdraw money from the account under the guise of benefactors, this publication reports the observer.

Human rights activist and volunteer Bogdan Khaustov said that was in a difficult position, it was time to himself need help. He posted on his page in the social network that his treatment need 100 thousand hryvnias. After a few days he was contacted by a head of charitable Fund.

Before to ingratiate himself, a crook studied the page of men in social networks and in conversation even mentioned the famous names of other volunteers. Moreover, somehow the attacker has learned of the recent complex operations, which moved Bogdan:

“I was terse, repeated information, which is written in Facebook. And I already very long do not have the habit to store money on the card because I know that fraudsters can obtain it in an instant. Besides, try not to Shine the phone number linked to a credit card. But then I made the mistake in the process of negotiations, I received a phone call from your number that is associated with the map,” said Bogdan.

However, as soon as the phone received a message about blocking the SIM card and a message requesting access to a credit card, the man understood.

“These scammers use well-known scheme. They were just looking for phone numbers of my friends to perform surgeries with my SIM card. Because the mobile operator for verification ask them the numbers they frequently call. They tried using a map to phone to find out my password”, – added the victim.

Also earlier it was reported that Ukrainians reported the spread of a new type of fraud.

Scammers use the phone to make pay a non-existent purchase.

The corresponding messages appeared in the “Typical monay”. So, in all cases come to the phone message supposedly from the Bank, which requested to pay by the specified amount. For reference it was proposed to call the phone number in the SMS.

Мошенники придумали циничный план, как обобрать украинцев: "обогатились на миллионы"

Мошенники придумали циничный план, как обобрать украинцев: "обогатились на миллионы"