Fraudsters came up with a new money Scam: what does Dating sites

Мошенники придумали новую денежную аферу: при чем здесь сайты знакомств

Scammers in Ukraine invented a new way money scams. So, the attackers attempted to block the mobile number of the police of Kherson and to online credits to her name.

Police guessed who he was dealing with, so the fraudsters failed to get her money, reported the Kherson militiamen.

What is a fraudulent scheme

  • First to your mobile number you will receive sms that you have registered on one of Dating sites.
  • After a while you start to call strangers and tell them that just texted you and you texted them my number.
  • In parallel, you receive messages from strangers from different numbers all the messengers, which are linked to your sim card.
  • Some time later, reports with reference from various websites on the subject of online lending about trying to take a loan for different amounts.

If the scammers get access to your phone, they get all the information on Internet banking, they come to the message IDs and passwords that are needed for certain operations,

– noted in police.

How not to get hooked on scams

  • If You start making calls from different unknown numbers, don’t take it. The crooks enough 3 your answers to block your mobile number and fix it on their devices.
  • Do not click on links received in messages.
  • Do not reply to sms or forward the activation codes or verification codes to outsiders.
  • In advance use the service of mobile operator “ban on remote a replacement sim card”. So, in the event of a power room to restore the sim card will be possible only in the nearest branch of your mobile operator if you have a passport.