Free choice, leading to a unified history, details about the unique experience in The Outer Worlds

Свободный выбор, ведущий по единой истории, - подробности об уникальном опыте в The Outer Worlds

We already wrote about following The Outer Worlds to the precepts of classical Fallout in the news about the disapproving attitude of the authors of the game by baiting Bethesda. Therefore, the presence of freedom of choice in the upcoming creation Obsidian Entertainment for you should not be a surprise. On this topic with the developers spoke to journalists Game Informer.

Judging by the words of the main creators of The Outer Worlds Tim Kane (Tim Cain) and Leonard Boyarsky (Boyarsky Leonard), unique gaming experience for each player – one of the pillars of their new RPG. During the development of the first Fallout, says Boyarsky, developers confused the linearity of the other amusements of the period, and since then they are trying to provide gamers with a wide scope for wagering.

The Outer Worlds will not be directly connected with the moral choice: no one will clearly indicate what choices are good and which are not. Instead of the clumsy system of karma entertainment will offer to look at the consequences and to evaluate the results of their actions.

In addition, the “evil” choice will not always lead to relevant developments (and Vice versa) – having at first glance a negative act, we can come to a much more favorable result than the original is going to light the track.

The goal of the developers is to give players as many opportunities as possible that will help to create an unpredictable story. However, in the Chapter narrative The Outer Worlds is first and foremost a story. This means that ultimately the players will go on more or less the same way, creating different contexts for main events.

As an example, the authors point towards the beginning of the game where players need to find stabilizer power for spacecraft. Through this episode have to go through all, but the ways of the job will be some – for example, you can buy one of the few stabilizers to choose or to get it through joint working with the NPC, to agree that work in different ways.

Unlike other entertainment of a similar system pseudowire, role-playing game from Obsidian would not devalue the decisions of gamers. Apparently, the game scenario is constructed in such a way that the players will continue to bear the consequences according to a single narrative path.

Personality gaming experience applies not only to the story but also directly to the gameplay – everything is relatively standard for role-playing games: a variety of pumping, differing from other styles of passing and the like.

The creators try to make pumping flexible. Of course, you can throw all your points in stealth and get a lovely quiet killer, totally unfit for negotiation and open conflict with opponents. But also do not preclude the design of a hybrid which, for example, can adequately show yourself in the dialogues, and in silent crawling through the bushes is a great option for a pacifist!

As mentioned in a previous news about the game, the main character will get a fashion leader. This time Obsidian a little bit more explained, that represents this class. Hero-the head itself is not very strong and relies on the ability of the allies, which not only affect combat skills. Companions, of course, can be changed to provide a greater breadth of possibilities.

Check the words of the developers will be released this year, when The Outer Worlds will reach PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Last note about the unusual Arsenal of the game can be read here, and all others, as usual, look to our newsletter.

Свободный выбор, ведущий по единой истории, - подробности об уникальном опыте в The Outer Worlds

Свободный выбор, ведущий по единой истории, - подробности об уникальном опыте в The Outer Worlds