Free medicine in Ukraine can be obtained only via prescription

Бесплатные лекарства в Украине можно будет получить только по электронному рецепту

The Ministry of health began to restore order with the issuance of free prescriptions. They receive only patients who have signed contracts-Declaration by internists or family physicians. A prescription issued electronically and recorded in a single database, and to obtain the medication at the pharmacy the patient will be able only when the state budget will be money to pay (this is called reimbursement). Then there are those who are still not “attached” to a particular doctor, free state aid can not. Experts note that order will be more, but complexity will be added, especially for patients.

What’s new

It is expected that the order will take effect from 1 April 2019, together with resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers (the project is under public discussion), governing reimbursement of those pharmacies, where patients are given free medicines. The bottom line is this: doctors can prescribe these drugs exclusively in e-health, electronically and only patients who signed the Declaration. The form of e-prescription was approved in may 2018, but still used in paper form the doctor fills in a prescription, printing it out, stamp and handed to the patient. Print the recipe will continue, but without confirmation of its registration in the system e-health it is invalid. The patient can get free medication for a code that will be sent simultaneously to him and to the pharmacy in the form of e-mail or SMS. A repeat prescription should be out a week before the end of the previous prescription, if pills are issued for 21 days or more. And three days before the end of the prescription if less. If the doctor will prescribe medication ahead of time, to pay for it, the state will not. In chronic diseases it will be possible to obtain a prescription without a doctor visit and prescription errors can be cancelled only by the doctor. There are also disadvantages: if it turns out that for the current month budget money for a drug is exhausted, a prescription will be technically impossible: we’ll have to wait next month again when the funds arrive.

Why all this

The health Ministry claimed that one of the main objectives of innovation – cost optimization of the budget and the possibility of bringing to the program “Affordable medicine” doctors working as private entrepreneur. The expert of the Reanimation package of reforms Eugene Gonchar said that after the introduction of e-prescriptions will become impossible practice when one patient requested prescribed medication to excess and others not enough, as funding is limited. Potter evaluates the innovation positively: “I am Confident that technical problems will not be as Internet coverage is already everywhere where there are medical facilities and train doctors check prescriptions easy. Also, patients will have a guaranteed opportunity to get the drug and pharmacies guarantee payments. Now neither one nor the other, so for many private pharmacy program reimbursement uninteresting. In the perspective – adjustment account for all prescription drugs, not just free”. The therapist of the highest category, Eduard Mikhailov more cautious:

“At first, possible failures, the mistakes, especially the doctors of the older generation, which many in the Outback. But the main disadvantage – the recipe cannot be issued until the state does not allocate money. Now I can issue a prescription, and the patient himself will find a pharmacy where you can buy food. Under the new funding requirements the patient will have to wait till next month to either buy the medication at their own expense”.

Pledged billion

Reimbursement program operates in Ukraine since April of 2017. It for free or a small charge you can get drugs in three categories: cardiovascular disease (endorsed by the Ministry of health list of 16 titles), bronchial asthma (three names) and type II diabetes (non-insulin dependent, two names). According to Ministry of health, the program “Affordable medicine” from April 2017 to December 2018, was discharged 32 million prescriptions in the amount of UAH 1.6 billion. In 2019 the budget provides UAH 1 billion, but may invest to if the need arises. Experts say that’s not enough, so it is important to establish a clear procedure for the distribution of state aid medical.