Freedom cost dearly, this is a scandalous Sergei Polunin about love to Putin

Свобода обошлась дорого, – скандальный Сергей Полунин о любви к Путину

Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, who disgraced his loud statements about the support and love for the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin, commented on their actions in a candid interview with one of the Russian media

Polunin has repeatedly expressed its sympathy for Russia and its President. In one of his last posts on his page on Instagram he calls Putin “the leader of the whole world.”

Also on the eve of the network users shocked new tattoo of a dancer – the President of Russia on his chest. Yes, Polunin gave a Frank interview to the Russian show of Dmitry Borisov “Exclusive” on the First channel. As it turned out, he made a tattoo with the head of the Kremlin in England on election day.

A lot of the negative reaction of the press on one person. I myself fell under that pressure and I know how difficult it is to defend against such energy. At that time I considered myself a very strong and wanted to protect people. I did his tattoo, because I wear it on the chest of an angel with the words “Save and protect”, he is now on Vladimir Putin and defends it
said ballet dancer.

Interestingly, the tattoo of Putin did to him in the Gypsy camp. “Gypsies – people, free from politics. So I just said, “No problem.” Elsewhere, perhaps, would refuse. In tattoo parlors everywhere its rules,” – said Sergey.

Свобода обошлась дорого, – скандальный Сергей Полунин о любви к Путину

The publication of Sergei Polunin in Instagram / Screenshot

Also Polunin commented on a controversial post about people who are overweight, noting that such statements “were from the good.”

I do believe that people have to deal with them. It’s like brushing your teeth. Woke up, you should at least 15-30 minutes of exercise – so your energy renewed, you feel better. In the West, they took this to be my “let’s do it, let’s lose weight” as an insult
– he explained.

The controversial actor added that twice previously tried to obtain a Russian passport.

“I have a grandfather from Russia and a grandmother from Russia – your DNA knows where you are. And Russia was important for me, on a subconscious level. Arriving in Russia, even in Siberia, I have to charge” – he explained.

We will add that Sergey Polunin deleted my previous page in Instagram with scandalous publications.

Why there was a scandal with the participation of Sergei Polunin?In your birthday November 20 Sergei Polunin thanked the head of the Kremlin. Then he readdressed Putin all the “good wishes”, which was in his side and admitted that since childhood, saw in the Russian President Vladimir Putin during the world. Therefore, it is unclear why the head of the aggressor are bad.

Subsequently, the scandalous dancer of the text added a picture of the behalf of the Russian leader on his chest. It is noteworthy that this Polunin and shows the tattoo on his arm – it is in the form of a Trident.

Who is Sergei Polunin?Sergei hails from the city of Kherson, already at the age of 17 went to the Bolshoi ballet. Then he was accepted into the Royal ballet company, and two years later chose the youngest Prime Minister in history. 22 Sergey “ran away” from the Royal ballet and went to look for happiness and fulfillment in Russia. Subsequently found out about it around the world.

In September last year Sergei Polunin got a list of the best men of 2017 for the British magazine GQ. After that, he often was invited to participate in American films and fashion shootings. Now Sergei Polunin living abroad, and in Moscow has granted Russian citizenship.