Freedom Jazz refused to participate in Eurovision-2019

Freedom Jazz отказались от участия в Евровидении-2019

Some of the participants of the National selection for Eurovision-2019 Freedom Jazz refused to fight for the representation of Ukraine in international competition. After the rejection of the contest winner in the final MARUV Public broadcaster should choose the name of the other party.

About this artist, who took second place in the final of national selection to the Eurovision song contest, reported on his page in Instagram.

We have just received a call from NTU and would like to inform that refuse to participate in Eurovision-2019. Now, our “Cupidon” flies farther. We are now at the stage of signing with European promoter and negotiating concert tours in the near future
stated in the Freedom of Jazz.

The girls thanked fans for helping to take second place in the National selection of Eurovision-2019.

“Our biggest victory is you! For you we are experimenting, writing songs, doing performances and incredible art. Maybe someday we will again try their forces in the National selection,” added the statement.

On the eve of one of the members of the jury Danilko said that after the failure of the finalists MARUV, Ukraine must submit to the contractor, which ranks second – Freedom jazz.

What is the scandal with the singer MARUV?

Last weekend was held the final of national selection of the Eurovision song contest in Ukraine, where the victory was won by native of Dnipropetrovsk MARUV (Anna Korsun). Despite touring in Russia and law of the Russian Warner Music Russia song, Siren Song, which MARUV had to go to Israel for the main competition, it received 11 points from the audience and the judges of the show. However, according to the rules, after the selection on the STB agreement with the representative of Ukraine has yet to sign the national public broadcasting company of Ukraine (NOTE).

Some of the details of the contract, the singer released online and called them to restrict the rights and freedoms of the individual, adding that it is ready to cancel all tours in Russia, if you need it for competition. At the same time Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko has repeatedly stressed that the actress, who defiantly continues to tour in Russia, you should not go to an international competition, so you do not have to explain to the world that between Ukraine and Russia is no friendship there.

Who can go to Eurovision instead MARUV: watch the video

After 5 hours of negotiations between a NOTE and a team MARUV the parties never signed the Treaty, citing a number of reasons. Subsequently this situation was commented by the Chairman of the Board NOTE Zurab Alasania, who together with representatives of the Public broadcaster decided to avoid the excessive politicization of the contest. She MARUV not answered immediately and confirmed that “not ready to speak in slogans, turning their stay at the competition in the promotion of our politicians”.

In addition, fans of the actress have created on the resource the e-petition, which asked to provide the singer MARUV the opportunity to take part in the Eurovision song contest-2019 in Israel. The author of the petition was the user Davit Evoyan (David Evoyan), and it is aimed at the European broadcasting Union (European Broadcasting Union). Underneath already signed up more than 7.7 million users.