French biathlete Fourcade threatens the Russian Tool by the court

Five-time Olympic champion Martin Fourcade may apply to the court in the former Russian biathlete Anfisa Reztsova because of her words about the application biathlete banned drugs.

The former biathlete Martin Fourcade was accused in the fact that the successful outcome of a Frenchman acquires thanks to the use of prohibited drugs. The reaction is known to men was instantaneous. But it didn’t stop there – he went on.

The athlete discusses with a lawyer the possibility of filing a lawsuit in court against the Tool.

After the first race at the world Cup Martin stopped near the Russian journalists, and described the whole situation.

I follow the Russian biathlon. I was surprised by one expression. What this person said is a lie. I’ll speak with my lawyer about this, because unknown to me I was accused of something I didn’t do. I have never taken illegal drugs, I do not drink tablets. I am totally clean for the world biathlon
– said Martin.

After the answer of Martin Fourcade about the allegations, Anfisa Reztsova denied his words.

“I think he moved wrong. He contacted a lawyer? I heard about it. But I’m not afraid of anything. I’m disappointed by the reaction Fourcade,” in comments to the Russian media.

In the Bank Fourcade five Olympic gold medals, and Engraved three. While the Russians have the advantage, it was the best not only in biathlon, but in ski racing. However, the French have nothing to complain about, except for Olympic gold on its account and 11 world titles and seven victories at the world Cup.