French defense Ministry hires science fiction writers to predict future threats

Минобороны Франции нанимает писателей-фантастов для прогнозирования угроз

Agency for defense innovation of France will create a group of futurologists and science fiction writers that will help to predict future threats. This is stated in the report of the Ministry, part of the Ministry of the armed forces of the Republic.

“The development of a coherent French defense policy requires updated analysis of the strategic environment in which develops in France, in particular, examine the nature and forms of future threats and new vulnerabilities,” reads the document. In this regard, as the report emphasizes, “the Agency decided to create a team of “Red team” which will consist of four or five people responsible for predicting possible destructive scenarios”.

The Agency defense innovation said that “the work of this cell will be to build strategic hypotheses and developing recommendations in the event of threats.” Thus, the members of this team will be engaged in the study of the effects of introduction of innovative technologies, particularly artificial intelligence.

According to the newspaper Ouest-France, is currently the Agency is negotiating with a number of writers and experts in the field of futurology, whose names were not disclosed.

“Despite the fact that the existence of the team will be known, her work will be strictly confidential, given the specifics”, – stated in the report of the office. It notes that “the result will be a brief set of recommendations intended for various military units, directorates and services, with a description of the threat scenarios and recommendations for decision-making.”