“French millionaire” persuades the melitopoltsy to accept the inheritance

"Французский миллионер" уговаривает мелитопольцев принять от наследство

Some Facebook pages there was a message from a Pilli Dusarl who allegedly lost her entire family and is on the verge of death, while possessing a considerable condition. A man suffering from cancer of the throat, ready to donate to a stranger 380 000 € and without it can not die in peace.

Some strangeness in the message of the French millionaire is – it is made in the form of a personal letter, but posted in the discussion local news. To link a phone number on which master to contact on WhatsApp, apparently for further instructions. It is noteworthy that long-distance code, indeed, belongs to France.

Except melitopoltsy, attractive offers were received and the residents of neighboring district – “millionaire” is tempting to take money from him in the comments to every message in the group “Yakymivka online”.

I hope that among users of social networks was not naive people who believe in fantasticheskuyu luck. In fact, such messages are scams and this kind of Scam is called “Nigerian letter”.

They have become a common Internet meme, but organizers of the scheme do not lose activity, and thus are fans of freebies, able to chase millions to part with a thousand-another of the hard-earned money.

Typically, scammers promise a large inheritance or a gift, but ask the recipient of the letter to pay only a small percentage. If the recipient agrees to participate, he gradually entices the increasingly large sums of money allegedly for the registration of transactions, payment of fees, bribes to officials, etc..

In order not to fall into the trap of Scam artists who are constantly inventing new ways of taking money from nacheleniya, you need to remember that miracles happen only in fairy tales, but in real life are quite different laws.

"Французский миллионер" уговаривает мелитопольцев принять от наследство

"Французский миллионер" уговаривает мелитопольцев принять от наследство