Frequent contact with household cleaning products negatively affects male fertility

Частый контакт с бытовой химией негативно сказывается на мужской фертильности

Household chemicals have long been widely included in our daily lives. However, researchers found that for men too-frequent contact with such facilities may result in the deterioration of fertility, according to

Today it is difficult to imagine a life without household chemicals. Such means is in every house, and, in large quantities. However, scientists warn that men who frequently come in contact with household cleaning products, may face a serious problem – deterioration of the ability to produce viable offspring.

A study was conducted by experts of Nottingham University. They have been tested widely used at present, the plasticizer DEHP. Another focus of the study was to polychlorinated biphenyl-153 occurring, including, and products. Tests showed that both substances can have a negative impact on male cells, impairing the fertility of men. The scientists also concluded that the global deterioration in semen quality is related to the widespread proliferation of household chemicals. We will remind that earlier scientists have warned women about the risks of permanent mental stress.